The Usage Scenarios about your sheepskin rug


Use as a blanket:

  The sheepskin might be used as a blanket. We highlight the huge size of our sheepskin rugs, which can wrap you up on a cold winter evening and could use two sheepskin rugs on top of the couch if wished.


Use as a kid’s play mat:

  To create a warm and comfortable space that can be used as a play mat for children, just laying the sheepskin on the floor or next to the bed will do the trick. Because sheepskins have a certain degree of elasticity, they provide a softer and gentler experience


Use to cover a chair:

  Use sheepskin to cover one of your favourite chairs. Our real sheepskin rug will boost the comfort level with a beautiful stylish appearance while keeping you toasty in this cold season.


Use as a throw on a bed:

  When used as a blanket on a bed, this real sheepskin rug offers an opulent, cozy, and comfortable feel all night long. If you put it on the bed, it would make a really comfortable place to lay down.



Use as photo back-ground:

  In the age of social media, people are becoming more and more attached to their social media accounts. Uploading a good photo has become a sought-after goal, and the sheepskin rug would be a perfect background when uploading a specific product. It would appear a sense of superiority, and stylish.

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