We are in the corner of the spring, which means the sandals of summer are nearly here! Introducing Sheepsh Sandals

   Sheepsh Sandals using top-skin of hide cover your soles and keep your feet dry and clean in any minute! We have cross-band and two-band styles for you to choose from, fixable at any time on your way to work or chilling at home. Multicoloured and movable for men and women, soft clogs airbag in the heel and arch provide cozy on every step you walk.

  Sheepsh sandals are suitable for every type of foot, every sandal has the ability to make sure your feet are surrounded by real softness clogs, luxury top-skin(Cow Hide) provides durability, and adjust buckle style you can simply dress them up and down. For more information please visit our website and make sure you follow our social media!

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