About our material of product.

Natural sheepskins imported from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are processed and shipped to our facility as raw material for our footwear. The source material is a 2 x 3 feet piece of highly treated and processed sheepskin. 


Regarding sheepskin boots.

Our sheepskin boots are manually cut from the sheepskin material, separated into various pieces of the shoe, and then sewn together to produce a pair of shoe prototypes. The shoe is further treated with a heel procedure, the outsole is spliced, and the final waterproofing is applied. Our sheepskin footwear items have an upper, vamp, and inner made from a single piece of sheepskin. The outsole is an EVA  material, which is more comfortable since it is impact resistant, lighter, and softer than a conventional rubber outsole.


Regarding the sheepskin slippers.

Our traditional sheepskin slippers include patchwork fur technology and a glued rubber outsole. Teddy bears inspired the new Teddy Slippers and Teddy Flats shoes which are meant to be more feminine, with a fashionable style and warmth. The outsole is constructed of rubber, which is more durable and has superior slip resistance.


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