The gift ideas for Christmas

Sheepskin Rug:
The sheepskin rug, with a wide range of uses, could be used as a blanket, a kid’s play mat, or as a throw on a bed. Sheepsh highlight the huge size of our sheepskin rugs, which can wrap you up on a cold winter evening and could use two sheepskin rugs on top of the couch if wished, sheepskin rug would be a top list of choice to use as a Christmas gift.

Sheepskin Boots:
The Sheepskin Boots are always right for the cold season, our women's sheepskin boots offer our customers different styles, and keep your feet warm and cozy at any moment. The outstanding cushioning performance makes them the perfect choice to wear at home or for a day out.

Moccasin Shoes
Sheepsh Moccasins shoes are made with genuine leather, it come in classic moccasins style, we also provide a fur-lined style intending to protect your feet during cold seasons. The moccasins are our best-seller, they can wear indoors and out, easily slide on and perfectly fits with the casual daily dress code, weekend plan or even office workplace.

Sheepskin Slippers:
Our Sheepsh sheepskin slippers are made with genuine sheepskin fur. It naturally wicks moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable at any moment. The soft double-side of sheepskin provides natural breathability that could take you anywhere in this season. Closed toe with rubber sole design offers you the best warm, non-slip experience while you go out, every step is stable.


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