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  TikTok CEO currently facing the US government for "TikTok Restrictions" from the US market as in the service question. As a manufacturer in the US, here are our points of view.

  Sheepsh provides outstanding service to our clients, and to respond every request for our customer needs. Most importantly, the US market is a major competitive market for Sheepsh. And we achieved our commitment, we put 100% of the effect in the US market, since the COVID pandemic to the USA trade war with China. Sheepsh has caused many losses on inventory, but we went through it. Compared with many companies which bankrupt during that time, we are really lucky. It's been great that sheepsh has support from our client, and this means a lot to us.

  From our experience in the US, we acknowledge that international trading is not the final way to process till the end, and before the "TikTok Restrictions" we processed a huge amount of resources in TikTok, cause we know that TikTok shop is well known by people for 'business to customer' trading mode, and this has inspired ourselves that a new way to provide service and a safe platform to the small business like Sheepsh. Additionally, Sheepsh main target customer is the young generation. And TikTok is well known in their social community circles. It provides so many advantages for small businesses in the US and if the government proceeds with the TikTok ban, not only us but millions of small businesses will be destroyed by this bill. It's about an American free right and we don't want this to happen to Sheepsh.

 We've been receicved many request from other social media from our customers that they need more short view of our porduct on Tik Tok. Therefore, Sheepsh started the TikTok account, but for other customers who prefer online shopping, we will remain convenient with high efficiency, and provide you a the ultimate enjoyment for your life. if you haven't experienced Sheepsh shopping, feel free to browse our website!

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