A letter to SHEEPSH fans:

  Thanks to our SHEEPSH fans! It’s been half year already since we decide to provide SHEEPSH as a top-level sheepskin product brand to the world. We currently working on the updating product, and collecting our customer feedback within the product itself, we not only focus on our customer needs but also on our customer thought. It’s been a few customers have contacted us asking the same question, about the ‘removable inner sole’ and we discuss it with our SHEEPSH design team within customer requirements. We do care about our customer's requirements, and we will take action about your requirements. Furthermore, we appreciate those fans, and customers who have given support to SHEEPSH as a new starting brand, and thanks for your trust in our product.


  In the end, based on our product performance at the current stage, we will provide more product that comes with more style to achieve better performance in the future. SHEEPSH team will deliver a better service to our customers, state tuned with us! And again, Thank you for your support, wish you all the best!





Best Regards

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