The Approach To The Animal Welfare

We are dedicated to providing you with information about the components that go into our goods, especially those derived from animals, and inspiring confidence in our commitment to maintaining a responsible supply chain.

More and more shoppers are interested in eco-friendly options that are kind to animals and the planet. SHEEPSH only works with suppliers that uphold our strict Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare policy when sourcing any products containing animal parts. Each year, SHEEPSH's suppliers certify that they follow our Animal Welfare Policy.

To ensure that all of our animal-based hides are by-products of the food industry, we do not accept exotic skins and only buy animal hides from our citified supplier list. This means that we exclusively use the by-product skins of animals reared for the food business, rather than pelts or fur from wild or domestic animals slain deliberately for their hide.

As part of our broader sustainability strategy, we investigate and create viable alternatives that meet the performance requirements of our products and the demands of customers for material innovation and choice. To consider the well-being of animals in our production processes so that we may provide the world with a brighter tomorrow.


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