Support SHEEPSH Sustainable Plan!

   Nowadays the carbon footprint has come across for our line in public, our production must suit our long-term sustainability plan. Not only aim for less pollution during production but also we focus on each client participating in our program to support our program while you purchase anything in SHEEPSH.

   How to participate?

   Since November 2023, SHEEPSH has increased the cost of material, which outsole every SHEEPSH shoe, sandals, and boots. we used to use EVA outsole, which is hard to degrade. Now we use a new material with a softer felling, better quality and less pollution to the environment, most importantly, we keep the selling price remain the same while the cost price has increased. Apart of Mules collections by SHEEPSH, we using real softwood outsole it can be degrade, other than Mules collections we did make a change!To be part of our plan, simply place an order on our website to support our long-term sustainable plan!

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