Our footwaer factory in the sustainable plan

  Our tannery, like our footwear business, is moving toward producing more environmentally friendly goods. The footwear industry contributes far less pollution to the environment when compared to the tannery; yet, this does not indicate that we are not making any efforts to guarantee that our environment will remain sustainable in the future.



  Within our footwear factory, we are placing a greater emphasis on the production of environmentally friendly products in order to put into action sustainability as a long-term strategy. To provide our consumers not just a product of the greatest possible quality but also one that is friendly to the environment in order to do all we can to improve the state of our world. To be more specific, the following materials are recycled and used in the production of our product:


  Outsole: To guarantee that our product may be broken down naturally in the environment, we make the outsole out of EVA that has been recycled. In addition to this, we make the most of our leftover materials so that we may reduce the amount of stuff that we throw away.


  Type of Glue: In order to bond the sole, we used a water-based craft glue, which is considered to be environmentally friendly since it does not pollute the air. As a consequence of this, we would achieve the long-term objectives that we have set for ourselves.


  Packaging: The shoe box, the wrapping paper, and the shoe brace are all recyclable and biodegradable, as are all of the other materials that make up our packaging.


  Finally, within the long-term sustainable plan, we understand that we could be doing more actions for our product to achieve a better future environment, and we are spending more time, ideas, and financial resources in future sustainable strategies.


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