General Care of Your Sheepskin Product

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Things you should know:

Sheepskin is a natural, sturdy fabric that is designed to resist the environment, which is why it is so popular for sheepskin slippers and other winter wear. Sheepskin itself doesn’t have the ability to ‘waterproof’, genuine sheepskin is naturally ‘water resistant’, these two features are from the ending product process called ‘Waterproof finish’, some factories put this process during the process of making the product. Our ‘Sheepsh factory’ put the waterproof at the end of the produce, and to offer our customer the best quality of waterproof result. It’s important to know how to protect your sheepskin product and keep it for long-term usage. The following stage are aiming at different sheepskin products. 


Sheepskin Rug 

To clean:

Sheepskin rugs are made with one whole sheet of sheepskin. To protect this product, We recommend you dry-clean this product once per year. The reason why we do not suggest you machine wash within sheepskin rug is that the fur will lose fluffiness and the whole sheepskin will flat after machine wash.

Maintain long-term usage:

After every three months, or when your product’s fur appeals knotted, you should use a fur brush and make it smooth. In addition, the fur brush will also maintain the sheep's fur as well as the new. Additionally, when dropping dirt or drinks accidentally, you should clean it as soon as possible, in case the dirt soaks in the sheepskin surface.

Not feel like using it? :

Do not fold your sheepskin on the fur side at any moment, it will leave a fold mark, and damage the way of look at your product when you do not feel like using it, fold it on the back side, and keep it away from sunlight.


Sheepskin Slippers/boots

  Whether your sheepskin slipper is made for outdoors or indoors, the first thing you do is to make sure it the waterproof, for ‘Sheepsh products’, you don’t need to worry about the first time, our sheepskin slipper has done the waterproof process during the end of the production process, to make sure the product delivered to your home, you could wear it straight the way. And for other products, you should help keep the suede clean by preventing water spots and other stains. Rain and stain shields designed specifically for suede and leather are the ideal items for waterproofing your sheepskin slippers since they are precisely developed to withstand water spots and soiling.

 To clean:

  Once you’ve done the process of waterproofing for your slippers/boots, It would be a lot easier to clean other dirt off. However, it might happen when you have not done a waterproofing process. In this condition, A gentle brush may be used to remove most dry dirt from your sheepskin slippers/boots. If a minor stain or spot appears on your sheepskin slippers, apply a suede conditioner and cleaner immediately to prevent the stain from settling. These solutions are intended to remove most sorts of spots from sheepskin slippers/boots and other shearling clothing.

   If your sheepskin slippers/boots have a grease stain, consider spreading a coating of cornstarch and letting it soak up the stain. Allow the cornstarch to lie for a day or two, then vacuum it up with a handheld vacuum or a brush attachment on a big vacuum. If required, employ additional cleaning procedures.

   If you need to clean the suede section of your sheepskin slippers, use a special suede sponge or brush designed for this purpose, brushing in one direction to elevate the nap. If you clean your sheepskin slippers with an ordinary sponge or cloth, you risk harming the material, producing stains or tears.

  To clean the fluffy wool element of your sheepskin slippers, you'll need to use a separate substance. Touch up the wool with a solution of cold water and Woolite, but never allow the solution to soak through to the suede. Brush the wool to puff it up again when it's almost dry.

   If you have done the waterproof process for your sheepskin slippers in a long time. It will take some moisture to infiltrate the skin of your slippers/boots, but if they get unduly wet, let them dry gently, away from direct heat and sunshine, before removing individual water spots with a suede brush or sponge. Stuff paper towels into the slippers to absorb moisture and help them reshape. If they are heavily discoloured or filthy, send them to a professional dry cleaner who is familiar with suede, leather, and sheepskin clothes.

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